Ann-Etta H. Booze


Ann Booze has been ministering in music through the saxophone for 23 years. She is a nationally known recording artist residing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ann is the Co-founder of Booze International Music along with her husband Norman A. Booze as well as the Founder of the newly created Creative Music Academy,LLC. She is a Author of the new book “The Sounds of Life Musician’s Devotional as well as taught Special Education for 6 years as a teacher and 5 as a teacher assistant.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, she bore her taste in musical travel; going to different churches and church conventions with her parents. This gave her the ability to develop and grow more and gain experience through her musical endeavors. She also had the opportunity to be trained by some of the greatest gospel artist in their day; such as Dr. Vernard Johnson and the Church of God in Christ Orchestra, Dorinda Clark-Cole & Karen Clark Cole with the Church of God in Christ Choir, and many many more. She also was trained as she traveled with the Oklahoma Civil Rights Activist Mrs. Clara Luper as Miss Black Oklahoma and the NAACP Act-So compotation.

As time progressed, Ann developed an outstanding reputation of playing her saxophone. She started with being one of the opening acts for Shirley Ceaser in Oklahoma City. Then it moved to playing on national TV. It then allowed her the opportunity to play with Kim Stratton and Jo Ann Rasario. She also had the honor and priviledge to play with song writer and artist Jonathan Dunn.

Ann’s sound is smooth and uniquely created; it is very versatile; she has been featured on rap CD’s such as “The Rise” created by the Preachaholicz to smooth relaxing meditation music such as “Breathe on Me” Created by the Judea Praise musicians. She also played on “The Cut” created by Rob Clay and many more just to name a few. Finally, as Ann Booze has come through many avenues of life to create her sound; she and her husband Norman Booze has released her single “He is Faithful”.